Monday, September 22, 2014

Below are the 6 topics with links to almost anything you might need to know about flagpole installation.

  • Picking a flagpole location
  • Calling underground for a clearance safety check
  • List of helpful flagpole installation tools
  • How to pick the right height for your flagpole location

  • Proper flagpole hole dimensions
  • Proper way to mix concrete
  • Proper way to set the sleeve
  • How to install flagpole with a pedestal base with sonotube
  • Nature of shipping flagpoles
  • How to receive the flagpole / check for damages / properly sign cargo acceptance
  • How to unpack the flagpole safely and without harming the flagpole
  • Tips for flagpole storage 

  • Various types of flagpole trucks (pulley systems)
  • How to find the best truck for you
  • How to find the best ornament (ball ornament or eagle ornament)
  • Proper way to install the flagpole truck and the ornament
How to Install a Flagpole: Proper way to Tie Halyard (knot) and Attach Cleat (Part 5 of 6) 
  • How to string the pulley with the halyard
  • How to tie the flagpole rope (halyard) together
  • Proper way to attach the flagpole cleat
How to Install a Flagpole:  Proper Way to Raise, Level, and Set flagpole, and Fly a Flag (Part 6 of 6)
  • How to walk up the flagpole
  • How to level the flagpole
  • How to set the flagpole with sand
  • How to attach and raise the flag