Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Independence Day To All Flag Flyer's!

The Flag Runners want to acknowledge you and thank you. You are the  Flag Flyer in your community and flying our flag this 4th of July holiday makes a difference. Sadly and few really know this that many communities these last few years are just broke and are left without the financial means and options to host costly fireworks celebration displays for their people to enjoy.

Elyria, OH Cascade Park has turned it around. The last show was 2007, now let the show begin. 

(see article)

Our great country now has 26 major cities bankrupt so this is not an isolated case above. It is a comfort to us to know that individuals like you that fly the flag are creating a vibrant visual display, in many cases 24/7/365, and especially on this most important of holidays. Our special day, the day that Old Glory became a democracy and an independent nation. Happy 4th of July to all Flag Flyer's. You're the reason we like to say:

'We Just Like People Who Fly Flags!'