Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Every year for decades, bikers have come to Iowa and ridden from west to east through various new towns to roost nightly for a week of fun and biking effort. This is an event known as RagBrai and this year marks its 42nd run; around 468 miles of Iowa plains and hills. It is a bike ride, not a race, and one of the honored traditions Iowa and other riders from the 50 States and around the world.

Maren riding out of Clear Lake (Buddy Holly) watching the giant US Flag flying from the fire departments ladder truck

The flags flying are sights to see. Every town has its flagpoles flying high with new flags and often bring out heavy equipment and decorate with flags to greet riders and welcome them to town. Follow us on twitter (@flagrunners) for live updates and more flag pictures!

That's right the flag flying community brings it, they let out all the stops for Ragbrai. This is why we just like people who fly flags. You are definitely coming together proving you flag flyers are the backbone of the community.