Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flag Flyers are the back bone of our communities!

Marengo, IL, June 28th 2014 -- The Flag Runners were invited to a flag raising celebration party. This came after installing a 25 ft. Black Anodized Aluminum flagpole for the Warmbold family. In honor of their graduating son from the University of Wisconsin as 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, Barb and Eric hosted a college graduation and military commissioning party. Flag flyers gathered round as Gavin was presented with this unique flagpole graduation present.

A very proud mother stood in front of a crowd which lined the property as she thanked everyone for their part in helping Gavin achieve his goals. Gavin's dad flipped on the Star Spangled Banner and we watched and sang as the flag was hoisting up the brand new flagpole. We sat back and watched all of this and thought, this is why we just like people who fly flags. They are the back bone of their communities. They come together in quiet ways to make a community a place called home.

The Invitation process! It all began as most things begin for us... a phone call. A kind-voiced woman, Barb Warmbold was on the other end. She had looked at our website and video's on the Flag Runners site and had some questions. Not just any flagpole would do for her son. 

There are a lot of things to consider when looking to become a flag flyer. For some, this challenge can be a little intimidating. But for Barb, it turned into a bit of a hobby. She relished in learning all the flagpole systems, the wall weights, mechanisms. It all made sense to us later, when we found out she was a teacher!

The research and the planning paid off in spades. It was difficult to resist being a complete perfectionist as we got  wrapped up in it. Every element of this flagpole is seemingly more alluring than the next. And what made it even better, was having the opportunity to see Gavin's face light up as he saw the flagpole for the first time. He had told his mother he wanted a flagpole for graduation, but I don't think he had anything of this magnitude in mind.

The flagpole is 25 ft tall with an internal cam cleat mechanism. This design allows the rope of the flagpole to be housed inside the flagpole. The benefits of an internal flagpole system over an external flagpole system are pretty simple. The external flagpole has all the ropes exposed on the outside of the flagpole. It is a standard flagpole system and what you might call the "classic." It's counterpart, the internal system has a clever design, allowing the ropes to be concealed inside the flagpole. This gives the flagpole a more sleek design, natural security, and tends to be quieter than the "classic" external style.

But not only is this 25 ft. flagpole internal, it is treated with a process called anodization. This is a paint dipping process that electrically charges the aluminum until the metal is coated. The darker the coating, the longer the process. The Warmbold flagpole is black anodized. This gives it not only a matching appearance to the rest of the house, but also a protective coating from stain and deterioration. There is a natural painted eagle ornament on top. The eagke has a 15" wing span and looks amazing above the black flagpole.

And finally, not to go too far down the rabbit hole of flagpole mania, Barb had us make up a special flagpole dedication plaque to both mark the date and share with others Gavin's patriotism and commitment her son has demonstrated to the Air Force. This is not a small gesture. Barb says that even from an early age, it was something Gavin felt he was called to do. This celebration was about being called to do service and having belief in yourself.

Gavin had a remarkable sense of respect and admiration for his family, friends, and all the veterans. He addressed the older veterans present that he and his mate's joined to follow where they had already gone before. He told everyone that these veterans present did it and they are  doing it because it is the right thing to do. Very moving to hear this humble perspective.


Cam Cleat
On the morning of June 28th, we embarked on a journey to mount the plaque onto the flagpole, this was the final piece of Gavin's graduation present. We were welcomed once again by the Warmbolds as they were setting chairs for the party. With the plaque set we went to the back of the house to find a donkey and miniature horse (just wait till the end of the video)!

People started shuffling in. Students from the school Barb teaches, volunteered to help direct traffic, set up and cater. Soon, the property was full of friends of all ages and walks of Gavin's life. The moment had come for Gavin to raise the arrived, a lot of people.

Motorcycle sounds suddenly echoed across the lawn as we witnessed dozens of motorcyclists rolling down the driveway. American and military branch flags sailed on their backs. We came to learn these were the Warriors' Watch Riders. They are a group of veterans and citizens who welcome home veterans (literally they escort them home) as well as attend other patriotic events. They were here to honor Gavin's passage into duty.

The community of flag flyers responded. Everyone came out. There were Municipal, commercial and service folks who seemed to all fly the flag and have a story. That makes the community strong. Take a look at the video and consider how to include your flagpole as a rallying point for your affairs. It will showcase the event in a very magnetic way. Personally we can't wait for the next flag flying party.