Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today, we are in Syracuse New York looking at the flag display just off the campus of Syracuse University. Home to once a healthy automotive and aerospace manufacturing hub, Syracuse has turned directions to a different industry. This shift has not been easy. And this memorial for Police members in the community who gave their life in a time of service shows the commitment, the community has to remembering, improving, and looking to a bright Syracuse future.

Even in winter, this display sparkles. The black granite blocks displaying the words, "Dedication" "Sacrifice" "Tradition" represent a powerful community belief. The flags overhead echo this belief. The American Flag as the focal centerpiece, with two purple, white, and black flags signifying remembrance and respect fly on the sides. Truly, a stopping display to any visitor staying at the nearby Crowne Plaza hotel or Parkview Hotel.

We can only imagine when the spring comes, these benches will be used by people to enjoy the sun, some food, and take a moment to remember these officers. What a great display!