Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's go skating! You may not know from the road, but the Glacier Ice Arena has three, top of the line, deluxe internal flagpoles. Rather than the typical American flag, State flag, and City flag, they fly two custom flags for the Arena and the local team.

Commercial Internal Flagpoles: These flagpoles have M-Winch systems. A screw in lock leads to a self-locking, stainless steel, winding winch which contains the stainless steel cable internally. The truck top looks like a top hat and has a protected large pulley on the inside which feeds out to the flag arrangement. It is all fancy. The alternative market choice is a square winch. The square winch is not a nice as the sealed system. replacing or working on an M-Winch is easy and can be performed by removing one screw. The Square Winch is a little bit more work.

We visited the Ice Arena on Presidents Day and the place was booming. Music came from the rink and you could tell the community had come out to have a good time. Services like these bring people together in great and unique ways. Whether it is hockey, broom ball, or even free skate, ice arena's are fantastic. Great find just off the Des Plaines River Trail in Vernon Hills.