Monday, March 4, 2013

Today, FlagRunners are visiting the police station in Vernon Hills, IL. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, we thought we'd show you a community which comes together to do something unique, St. Baldrick's Day. See what the police do to give more to a great cause, and how they fly the flag.

 The FlagRunners see communities through the eyes of the flag. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, we thought we might head to Vernon Hills to show you the Police Department flags. Look at what we found. On March 9th at noon, this station is going to shave their heads for children's cancer research. Visit:

Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles offer and create a dramatic introduction to a building location and sometimes the entrance as well. These poles add a big splash display to this unique landscape. The building front appears like a wedge and widens as it runs to the back. An American flag, POW/MIA flag, State, and City of Vernon Hills flag fly on three flagpoles. The closest two flagpoles to the street flying the Illinois state flag and City flags are lowered slightly. This is most likely to create more prominence for the US flag, a show of respect.

KIM lighting proudly illuminates up to light each of the flagpoles. We wish we could have come back at night to see this display lighted.

If you are local or if you are heading into town Saturday, March 9th, stop into the Hawthorn Mall to see what one community police department is doing to show they do more than serve and protect.

Flags fly over the heads of community groups in cities and towns throughout the country. Flag Flier's and communities fly the flag for many reasons. It ties our past to the present and forecasts our future, it includes others to what they participate in as a community. We run from flagpole to flagpole to see the flags in the community and to see the community through the eyes of the flag. Join us, and visit more stops we make with our next posts on Vernon Hills and other communities and events along the Des Plaines River Trail.