Thursday, March 28, 2013

The nature of business is change. Hopefully the makeup of your business is growth. The face of industry across the country is always changing. You can see this first hand running through Syracuse, New York. What remains, are the facilities these businesses once occupied. And the physical assets they keep. One of the strongest physical assets, yet one of the most overlooked assets is the flagpole.

Flags are not the only assets left by former inhabitants. This building on James St. has a night-drop vault from once being a bank. It also has a grill and basketball hoop in back with picnic tables. 

Far too often we run to a fallen soldier or what we call a flagpole that can no longer fly a flag and see the same scene. A desolate parking lot, pad locks on the doors and a wooden "for lease" sign pounded to the front entryway. Property changes hands and there can be a lull between tenants, but keeping the assets of the building in good shape can paint a dramatic picture for prospective tenants.

In today's case, we present two fantastic properties which take full advantage of their flagpole assets. You can tell the realty company, CBD Brokerage out of Syracuse New York, values these principles. Every plot we found with a flagpole and a for sale sign by this company had a flag flying with up-to-date parts. It was an impressive run down James St. FlagRunners tips their hat to CBD Brokerage for respecting the flag and keeping it flying on the pole even between tenants.