Friday, March 29, 2013

We have over 200 videos! Some of those videos are from when we first started and not even on the blog. Others are on the blog but since posting, new information, changes to the flag display, have been made. That is why we are starting a new feature called, Flashback Fridays. And a display like this deserves some re-recognition.

Each Country Flag of the Americas (35 total) is represented here:

Antigua and Barbuda

Argentine Republic

Commonwealth of The Bahamas



Plurinational State of Bolivia

Federative Republic of Brazil


Republic of Chile

Republic of Colombia

Republic of Costa Rica

Republic of Cuba

Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominican Republic

Republic of Ecuador

Republic of El Salvador


Republic of Guatemala

Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Republic of Haiti

Republic of Honduras


United Mexican States

Republic of Nicaragua

Republic of Panama

Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Peru

Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Republic of Suriname

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

United States of America

Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

In 2010, the plaza went through some much needed renovations. Unfortunately, due to confusion over who was financially responsible for the upkeep, an organization only renovated the plaza for safety precautions. This was not met with rave reviews next to the deluxe edifices surrounding the plaza. But still, the sidewalks and stair steps are not the spectacle of this place, but the flags which belong to the organization of the American States.

You can see multi-flag displays like this all over downtown Chicago, but this plaza really utilizes the flags of the display in a unique and fun way. The statue of Benito Juarez looks out over the nations' flags he helped unite. And this union formed many organizations and bonds which improved lives across the Americas as well as security.

Benito Juarez is an incredible figure in Mexican history. He served five terms as president. And in that time, he successfully thwarted the French occupation of Mexico in 1862. As an Amerindian, he helped pave the way for a modern Mexico. Not just looking at his own country's welfare, but the welfare of the community globally.

Fun looking back at some of our adventures!