Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Before we get into the Solid Brass Screw Joint and its uses for a standard indoor and parade flag set, I'd like to share a short story...

Some time ago, a customer called inquiring about the Solid Brass Screw Joint. Brad, was in the process of making a staff for the bishop of their Serbian Orthodox Diocese. His hope was to make the staff two sections and use the Solid Brass Screw Joint to connect the sections.

From strips of Mahogany, Brad carved his staff five and a half feet (5' 6") tall. Finally, Brad finished the staff with a rubber foot on the bottom. The symbolism of the staff is two-fold.  One idea is that of a shepherd because the bishop is a shepherd of the flock.  The other is the idea of a crutch because the church is a place of healing.

The Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian Church in the world. The Orthodox Church has several self-governing ecclesial bodies. Serbian is one of them. What makes Serbian Orthodox different than say Greek Orthodox is within it's systematic approach to its dogmatic practices. Their faith is built on themes and then systematically expounded from there. For more info: http://www.westsrbdio.org/

Brad asks:
"The one thing that would have been cool would have been if you had a brass piece with female threads that would recess into the "T" portion so it could screw on and off.  Instead, this part is glued into place."

Our Answer:
I would suggest you look at the Chrome Plated Brass Ferrule or a Brass Ornament Adapter. This piece has a threaded opening a the top to accept the female end of a threaded ornament. You would have to create a threading for the top piece. Both pieces are secured with a set screw.
For most people, carving their own wood pole from Mahogany, fashioning a 2-piece 5-1/2 ft. pole will not be your project. This Solid Brass Screw joint comes standard with deluxe indoor flag displays (made of oak).

 The reason the screw joint needs to be solid brass is because it is typically the first piece in the indoor flagpole set to break down. Sometimes, the flag display stand in the corner of a room, uninterrupted for years. Other times, the flag display is used for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, board meetings, community events, etc. When these events/meetings are over, the flag display is broken down and stored for later use.

As you screw and unscrew the pole together, plastic or even plated joints have weak threading which will breakdown over time. Indoor flag displays have a tendency to be assembled and set for a long time. Spending a bit more for a deluxe set up front will save you time finding and replacing parts down the road.

If you are looking to make a staff, we suggest you follow the footsteps of Brad. Do your research, find the parts that work. We solute Brad for his dedication to the craftsmanship of the staff. It may be a hobby for him, but we think it turned out professional!