Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Running in 40 mile per hour... 40 MILE PER HOUR winds today. With the wind, it was hard not to walk at a 9 minute mile. Against the wind, it was impossible to run faster than an 8 minute mile. A great opportunity to look at flags!


Revolving trucks are worth their weight in gold when the wind comes. If your revolving truck is frozen, strong winds are the surest way to tell. Sometimes, you can work the ropes back and forth to try and get the truck to turn, but if that doesn't work, take an inventory of your parts and get ready for an upgrade. A frozen truck is a good indication you might have other problems up there. The pulley becomes brittle and can eat into the rope over the years.

Flags may wear out faster and be more obvious, but parts are critical to the flag's success. Keep up the flying and we'll run by next time!