Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spacing for flagpoles can often be overlooked. If you are going to have multiple flagpoles, you want to make sure they are spaced far enough apart to fly the size flag you want to, without the flag running into the another pole's parts or an adjacent flag.

We talk about companies selling from the inside out. An elegant flag display at your headquarters sets a precedent for your image nationally and globally. This is doubly true in the case of CORPAK Medsystems.

Corpak Medsystems sells and markets internal feeding systems. Their products save lives from the inside out. When we came up on these three flagpoles, it was plain to see the forethought and passion that went into the presentation of the business' headquarters.

As you can see, the business sign in out near the road, but the flagpoles are near the building. So often the flag is placed close to the sign, but this is not always the best location, and in the case of CORPAK, we think they got it right. Winds were at an all-season high (40 mph gusts that day). They were flying durable polyester US and Illinois State Flags, as well as a custom flag double sided nylon. That means Corpak put in extra time and care to fly the best flags for the season.

It might be coming time to change the flags (American, State, and Custom), but even with the fly-ends missing, this made for a truly impressive flag display. The flagpoles are well maintained and separated just far enough to allow the flags to freely fly without hitting each other or the adjacent pole. The flags are made with a heavier fabric. This is better construction for the winter. And finally, they are placed at a great location to showcase the building. Way to go Corpak!