Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This is a really interesting situation. You are a great company with a nice, well used flagpole out front and there are a few things that need fixed, but overall, the flag is up on the flagpole day in day out. But little things can become big problems.
 For example, this flagpole is missing the access door. Some internal flagpoles do not have access doors, while others do. The access door allows the operator to see the stainless steel cable, wound into the winch. If your cable is bunching up or you need to replace the cable or winch, the access door helps you do that. You do not need to remove the access door to raise or lower the flag. That is why most times, the key to the access door goes missing. And when a problem occurs, the first thing in question is, "Why can't I open this access door to see what is going on?"

When the access door is missing, it leaves an opportunity open for vandalism. Stainless Steel Winches are very expensive. the last thing you want is for something to happen to it. The nice commercial appearance of the internal flagpole system works because it is seamless throughout. The open access door makes the flagpole look as though it is broken down, even though everything is functioning properly. Maintain the appearance and safety of your flagpole with an access door and a well kept key.