Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What do you think of when you hear Indoor Flags? Maybe you think of a flag display on an indoor flagpole set; the gold metal plated base with an oak pole, the shiny metal eagle ornamentgold cord and tassel, not to mention a perfectly hemmed fully stitched and embroidered US flag with gold fringe. Maybe like this?
But in this video, we show you a company that uses outdoor flags with heading and grommet as indoor banners to show an international respect. While the American Flag waves outside on top of the building, various flags: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Poland, and Guatemala hang across the garage wall on the inside. There are all sorts of ways to use and display flags.

There are two main ways to finish flags (pole hem sleeve and outdoor header). A proper pole hem sleeve flag has a pocket which runs out both top and bottom of the mast-end side. This pocket is lined. There is also a leather tab with connects to a screw preventing the flag from falling down. An outdoor header is made of canvas along the mast-end side. Depending on the size of the flag, some flags only have two grommets punched into the canvas for swivel snap hooks or lager sizes use a roped thimble system with grommets.