Monday, November 26, 2012

Today on FlagRunners we are not looking as much at the flags as we are at the practicality of the lighting. Most people want to light their flagpole at night so they don't have to take the flags down. But what they don't see is that the lights can be an obstruction for drivers nearby. This is a great aesthetic as well as practical solution.

Hues or box wood bushes are often found bordering building fronts because they frame the building and repel insects. But here the hues are away from the building and surround the driveway island where three flagpoles sit. This is a nice display, respectful of the cars in its lot as well as the passers by.

If you are going to have a nice flag display out front, lighting the flag at night not only complies with government regulation for proper flag display, but it also shows a respect and pride in your property. Be aware of your local laws to insure you meet the lighting guidelines. Recently, w worked with a construction company which told us about the Dark-Skies movement. This is an effort to manage light pollution. Recently, ordinances have been cropping up, approved by towns across the country (click here).

While there is a national methodology to flag flying, there are also local guidelines. As a business, you want to comply with both. Restrictions usually fall under how tall the flagpole can be, how large the flag can be, how close to the street the flag is located, or what you can and can't do with lighting. In a parking lot particularly, lighting should illuminate the flag and not blind the drivers.