Monday, June 9, 2014

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Instead of getting a case of the Monday, get a load of this flag display. From the photo you can see the flag flying straight out. But what you may not know is not too long ago, this flagpole couldn't fly a flag. Minneapolis is known for its contrasting seasons; warm summers and harsh winters. Winter weather and a brutal ice storm this past year decommissioned the flagpole. Craig needed several parts:
This is one of those instances where the flagpole needed a real overhaul, but Craig got his notes together, made a plan and fixed it right. Sometimes a flagpole needs all new parts rather than replacement parts here and there. From visiting hundreds of flagpoles, what should be rare, now seems common place as major flag displays have been repaired with impractical parts or parts that can damage the flags and flagpoles. We became the FlagRunners for people like Craig who need help and want to do it right. It looks fantastic!