Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bakersfield, CA -- known for it's horse shows, the California Scottish Games, and Basque-influenced cuisine, Bakersfield, CA now has a new event to add to the list. This past Memorial Day weekend, more than 1000 American flags flew along the scenic Riverwalk. Sponsored by the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club with ThousandFlags.org. Kyle Postler of Bakersfield put together a very nice tribute (video above), you can see all the flags along with the a flag line, music, ROTC events and more.

From Kyle's video
This was an open event for the community of Bakersfield to walk around the patriotic display and take a moment for all service men and women who ensure health, safety, and liberty for all Americans. As a part of awareness, community members were given the opportunity to sponsor a flag ($50 donation). For more information, visit ThousandFlags.org.

We have been working with this fundraiser for many years. Although, this is the first year it was a stand alone, three-day weekend event. What I love about the event is something most spectators will never see. Anyone who has organized an event can tell you there is a great deal of logistics and stress involved. It takes a special talent to put all this together and make sure the quality of the event promotions are very good.

We had the great honor of working with the organizer of this event, Art Department Partners. Becky is a titan when it comes to quality. When she makes a decision, she is dead set on seeing it through. And in the end? The flags, display kits, and atmosphere of the event all greatly benefit from her diligence.

Discontinued Megga-Tuff Flag
Just before the event, the flag fabric we use on this flag was discontinued by the mill and that meant, no flags. It was a shock, not just to the event, but many people who love flying this particular American flag. But Becky was persistent. In order to make a comparable flag, we had to think outside the box. That is when we looked at various fabrics and chose an alternate lite-weave to match up with the approved product. This American-Made product, while not as shiny as the discontinued Mega-Tuff material, is a brilliant color-fast fabric that flies in the slightest breeze. Top notch for this event.

Becky saved the event. We can safely say that she spared no effort or expense finding the very best American flags to display. When it comes to the American Flag, that means a lot. Becky new people could take the sponsored flags home and use them throughout the year.

If we had Flag Flyer of the month, it would be Becky. Not only is she an avid flag flyer, but her event with the Rotary Club gave others a chance to be flag flyers too. This was not just a weekend of flags, it was an invitation to fly the American flag for the community.

Finally, we have to also mention Steve. While Becky was directing the event on the West coast, Steve was managing the East coast event. We look forward to seeing these events flourish participate and more people become aware of the impact 1000 American flags can bring on Memorial Day to a community. Giving their people a flag to follow, be sure to watch the video.