Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicago Fire Department rallies for a good cause

If the water doesn't make them men, wearing diapers does.
It all started with a challenge. Mayor, Rahm
Emanuel of Chicago told the children of Chicago, if they read over 2 million books he would do the Polar Plunge. Rising to this challenge, Chicago city schools read just over 2 million books last year. As news spread of Rahm's challenge, Jimmy Fallon decided to make a challenge of his own. He would take the plunge if Rahm would be a guest at his new job, Late Night.

Diving into ice? Bad idea.
This is where today's flag story begins. With all the buzz, coordinators wanted this unique Chicago experience to be perfect for the media that would spread across the country. As Jimmy Fallon's announcement to take the Polar Plunge was only a week prior to the event, there was not much time. FlagDesk was given a call and asked what we thought SOChicago (Special Olympics Chicago) could do.

Having put this event on for 14 years, SOChicago knew the importance of Chicago. They wanted something to add to the Chicago spirit as people ran down the beach and into the water. About 2 dozen large Chicago flags were tied to swedged poles and mounted to the fence running down toward the water. Few things can rally people together like a flag.
The Long and Sandy Road

Just as it's name suggests, the Polar Plunge is a very old tradition for Chicago. In the dead of winter, people run out into a freezing Lake Michigan. Some people wear bikinis, others are in costume. Rahm Emanuel had a shirt that read, "The Kids Made Me Do It" and Jimmy Fallon ran out in a full suit and tie, not unlike his Late Night uniform.

Some plungers can't get enough...
This year, the water was reported to be 32ยบ. A record number of participants and spectators came out to witness and raise money for a good cause. The event has currently raised $934,272 this year. While the event is over, you can still donate and help next year pull out record numbers. This year, there were 335 teams and 2,463 participants.

Chicago is at at the heart of this event. What better way, than to have City of Chicago Flags to show the way to frozen glory. And I'm sure we'll hear all about it tonight on Late Night. Thanks for Chicago Social for putting together a great event!
Cowardly Lion leads the charge...

Go Team America