Monday, March 10, 2014

Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- Churches are the great cultivators of community both locally and globally. It is no wonder then, that churches make the best flag flyers. The corner stone of faith in our flag is the corner stone of faith in our heart. At the Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa Oklahoma, worship is taken very seriously. They identify Jesus as an incomparable truth in our lives, to which, they want everyone to celebrate and be aware.

As apart of local and global outreach they offer many serving opportunities. From education ministry to mission projects, it is a great institution to find not only a relationship in Christ, but also a path in service. Christianity is a very important part of Tulsan life. It is clear to anyone who has visited the colorful city.

When AJ Slaughter was working his way through the Boy Scout merit system, he recognized the Fellowship Bible Church as a corner stone of the community. As a corner stone, AJ Slaughter had a vision for having a three flagpole display for the church out front.

After being given approval for his Eagle Scout project for Troop 412, AJ gave us a call to determine if he was on the right track. With so many different flagpole styles, it is difficult to know what is the best option. AJ decided to go with the an internal cam cleat 25 ft. flagpole set (two of them) to compliment the existing 35 ft. flagpole with and eagle ornament for the American flag.

AJ wanted to get flagpoles which matched the system of the existing flagpole. There is an access door which opens to a manually locking cleat. It is an inexpensive way to get a deluxe look. With these revolving flagpole systems, you can expect long flag and flagpole life, as they are designed for durability and stress relief.

What makes AJ's flag story impressive, is that he was able to accomplish his Eagle Scout Project with donations, volunteers, and careful research and planning. The end result looks great and perfectly adds to the building community legacy of the church's mission; to be a center of faith and a advocate for the word of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for sharing your flag story with us AJ, and congratualtions on making your Eagle Scout!