Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonight, our President, Barack Obama will give the State of the Union Speech. This is the fifth in his two term run. Our nation has many issues concerning our future, regardless of how far we have come from the economy of 2009. Tonight is another milestone outlook to the future. This Saturday marks another milestone of a very different significance. It is a lesser known holiday to many, but flag flyers know it as National Freedom Day. 

Freedom is one of the values Americans hold most deer. It is a concept and a practice we continually work to achieve. We do not see it as a privileged but a constitutional right. This constitutional right is how the "American Dream" came to be. Each and every person has inalienable rights to achieve. What stood in our way of freedom during the forming of the country is not what stands in our way today. Sacrifice was a discipline not only practiced through aggressive and dangerous exploration and settlement, but also through civil war.

National Freedom Day is the celebration of the victory of the union over the confederacy to abolish slavery. February 1st, Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment into the United States Constitution. I can not help but see the link between tonight's speech and the Gettysburg Address, that laid the foundation for the progress and prosperity of one nation. Today, we still must fight to be free. We still strive to achieve equality for all peoples and the right to prosperity for all. We must never become complacent to the demands of freedom. The American Flag reminds us of this every day. Looking forward to the State of the Union Speech tonight, and being a flag flyer this Saturday, February 1st for National Freedom Day. It is a great time to be a flag flyer, even in a polar vortex!