Thursday, June 6, 2013

We came up on this poor flagpole after an entire flag run of great looking displays. The funny thing here? The flagpole is in good shape. A dark anodized flagpole can mask years of use and abuse. The only issue would be the obvious lack of rope (halyard). So what makes this flag display a disaster zone?

Just look around! The sign is destroyed. No sign of construction or renovation. Just  scraps of metal and plastic lay strung about the yard, like memories of a company moved onward. Sometimes when there are so many clues left at a crime scene, the detective has to slow the case down to process all the evidence. While it is unclear how this flagpole was left in such disrepair, you can see the former creative and professional design that went into this piece.

Don't protest, just head to FlagDesk.

Moral of today's episode? 
Clean the landscape,
Put a rope on the pole,
Raise a flag,
Get the property sold!

Happy Flag Flying!