Friday, June 7, 2013

We were on the job well before we started making videos. But this is one of our first attempts at showing how a 70 ft. commercial aluminum flagpole gets installed. It's a fun little video.

Many times we get asked, what type of lift do I need to install my flagpole? Well, in a lot of cases you don't need a lift. Safe to assume 30 ft and under can be raise by about three strong people. No use in over complicating things. Hardest part about installing a flagpole is the same as anything else, the planning. A well thought out plan makes the whole process easier and safer. Last thing you want is to get a flagpole you are not proud of. Even if the flagpole is being installed by someone else, you should know your options and have an idea of how the flagpole should turn out in the end.

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