Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Today on FlagRunners, we don't start with our usual fun video. No sir. We are going to hit you with a two for one. We have a flag story about two VERY different flagpole rebuilds. One is for a school, and the other is for a business. You can't get these poles from any store, you have to make them. The school needs to rebuild their old flagpole and the business is starting fresh and decided to rehab a pole intended to be a flagpole but never made it up. There is some extra love involved, so we are going to take you through it.

See the picture above? That is a homemade foundation sleeve! That's right. Welded steel tube on an 8" square sheet about 2-3" thick. This flag flyer even welded a lightening spike on the end! I don't know how much it weighs, but I'm guessing a lot more than it's aluminum counterpart. That's what makes FlagDesk so great! You can get all the dimensional details, get the right parts either by making them or having them shipped in.

I'm starting with the foundation sleeve because a good foundation makes for a good pole. The standard parts you need for a flagpole rehab are as follows:
 You have to prepare, get all the parts staged and not afraid to pull the trigger. It is always nice seeing rehab poles converted into flagpoles. They make wonderful displays and carry some history too. This episode, we look at the old steel street light pole with an ornate shoe base foundation (anchor bolts instead of a sleeve). This pole needs a Pole Top Adapter, Revolving Truck, Cleat, Rope (Halyard), Swivel Snap Hooks, and maybe some Paint. As you can see, it is a lot of the same parts even though they are very different jobs. So, now for the episode...

These flagpole installation instructions are a good place to start. The closer you can get your used shaft to mimic a brand new pole (by using standard parts) the better. This will insure long flag life and a happy flagpole.

Click here for installation instructions!