Friday, June 14, 2013

Just wanted to take the moment on this glorious flag flyers' day to celebrate flags! So here is a little highlight reel of a few videos and pictures. Today, we are going out and helping Samantha with her flagpole. She had an old steel pole. The rope had come down and she had someone climb the pole to put the rope back on. That compromised the old steel pole and soon after it cracked and fell to the ground. We'll share her flag story and make a how-to install a residential flagpole for your home. That is coming up. But for now, take a glance at a few of these great flash back flag pictures and episodes! And have a wonderful Flag Day!

Pacific Research Center: Internal Solution for an External Pole

Pacific Research Center flagpoles. This was a great custom job for five flagpoles that really welcomed visitors to the facility. What made this project great was the creative way in which the rigging was done (shown to the left). Custom rigging is almost a flagpole to flagpole experience. Getting the longest flag life means being creative with your flagpole parts. When it comes to internal halyard flagpoles, you have many options, but in some rare cases, internal halyard flagpole parts work best on an external halyard flagpole such as these. They utilize the HDT-1 truck with an aluminum pulley wheel. The flags are mounted on stainless steel cable with 3 separate crimping points. Finally, they are finished with a weight and retainer ring. Judging the wind loads on the flags, this system will need replacing many years down the road, but for now, it is a great way to integrate a flagpole into the entrance sign!

Grainery Sign Post: Give Your People a Flag To Follow

Some time ago we helped put a 50 ft. flagpole on a 144 ft. tower. When we came to visit to check on the system, we were shocked to see the flag literally miles out. We drove for over 20 minutes before actually reaching the facility. We stopped to grab gas on the way home and asked the lady at the register whether she knew about the flag in Geoff, IL and she said, "Yeah, I drive by it every day. You can't miss it." Article here.

Garvin Park, 90 year old display shows how far back Flag Day really goes!

This was something we fell on in Evansville, IN. We had no idea that this monument would be dedicated to the flag. But when you are a FlagRunner, you have to be up for anything. People we run into, we share our story and they share their flag story. We unite as flag flyers and flag enthusiasts. But this was almost as if having a conversation with someone 100 years ago. And the sentiment is the same. The underlying message remains: one nation, one language, under one flag. It is a powerful statement and we were even more pleased to see that it had been recently restored. Article here.

Keep flying and let us know why you fly the flag...