Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Evansville, IN -- It is usually in the most unlikely places, we find the most amazing flag displays. These are like forgotten treasures in a community. One great example that comes to mind is another Indiana Flag Story, the Hoosier Flag Lady; a massive display commemorating both the states along the Flag Highway as well as honoring the woman who reinvigorated flag respect and sparked a national flag movement. Today's story is in the heart of Evansville, Indiana at Garvin Park.

Joseph Copello together with a small group of people organized to create this magnificent display with plaques of bronze and stone, a large fountain, and of course, a 4-section steel flagpole some 60-80 feet tall. The flagpole was dedicated for the first time in 1924, but was completed in 1923. While its history is rich, the statement it makes is more profound. Garvin Park is thought of as the gateway from the south of Evansville, Indiana to the north. The fountain/flagpole marks the entrance to the park. It acts to unify both sides of the city not only in location, but in sentiment.

We could not have visited at a better time as the flagpole was restored and completely repainted last October (click here). The local VFW post 1114 held a flag ceremony in November to retire the existing flag and raise a new one. What proceeded was a 21-gun-solute.

Finding a flag display like this reminds us why we work to help people rebuild their flagpoles. A well maintained flagpole will give you better flag life and help you treat your flag with respect. We run from town to town to see your community through the eyes of the flag.