Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We began today's run reading, "THEY GAVE UP THEIR TOMORROWS FOR OUR TODAY | OUR COUNTRY IS THEIR ETERNAL MEMORIAL" Three Flagpoles stand semi-circle, facing the branches of the military, carved into stone. The circular display complements the central statement in this quote and is one of the reasons we love this flag display. This display shows signs of being several years old. Some parts are missing, while others are clearly replaced. Let's dive into the symbolism of the display and the upkeep of the hardware...

One of the things we harp on is how flags are not a thing of the past, but a constant imprint of the things of today. The flag is just as much about the Civil War and emancipation of slavery as it is about the computers and technology born in America that run our country. The flag stands for not just every child's ability to attend school but also the veteran who saw so many colleagues not make it back. Our flag is a flag which remembers and looks forward. This display has a feeling of both these worlds uniting under the stars and stripes.

Some of the flagpole parts were missing. Mainly the flagpole doors. Finding a flagpole door is harder than you think. It depends on the year the flagpole was made and the place the flagpole was turned (which could be different then the place it was assembled). Before you buy a flagpole door, take a picture, measure the butt diameter and send it to support@flagdesk.com they will match the door and find the source for you, saving you the pains of ordering the wrong door.

If you are in Vernon Hills, stop in at the Memorial Harbor Theater and take a moment to sit underneath the flags. You will find a circular display that is empowering and reflective.

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