Friday, February 1, 2013

OK so we saw this carriage and behind it was a massive 50 ft. flagpole with a flag. But what we wanted to really show you the old flagpoles we found at the Theater in the woods. Although, the carriage is really cool. Why are we so excited about old flagpoles?

So many times, we find old steel flagpoles that can no longer fly a flag. Not only are they typically broken down, they hardly resemble flagpoles. But these are nice flagpoles, ready to fly flags. The flagpole ornament also acts as the truck. These flagpoles are setup as counter balance flagpoles.

A counterbalance flagpole is different than normal flagpoles for a few reasons. The foundation is made with a form and anchor bolts, while a typical flagpole uses a foundation sleeve. This flagpole also has the capability to tilt down for repairs at the top. This may have contributed to it's long life.

Just goes to show, you never can tell what you'll find running the Des Plains River Trail!