Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One great thing about a wind storm is checking flagpole parts. Why is it important to fly the right flag with the right parts? Easy. Longer flag life. Better looking display. What happens when flagpole parts break down?

This episode, we stop at two companies, one with a revolving truck which is frozen. The flag wraps around the flagpole. This causes stress on the flag and will fray the ends. The other flagpole is at Honeywell in Buffalo Grove, IL. This flagpole is functioning properly and well maintained. In 40 mph winds, you can see the difference.

A revolving truck is a cast aluminum casing with stainless steel bearings allowing it to rotate with the wind.You can go with the standard RTS-1 (as shown in this video), but for more heavy-duty needs (flying multiple flags or heavy constant wind) you can get the HDT-1. Both are very durable and good for both your flag and your flagpole.

Today's episode, we stop in at the Honeywell facility in Buffalo Grove, IL. Honeywell employs approximately 132,000 people globally. They invent and manufacture equipment for better safety, security, and energy.

One common question:
With the rope drawn to the cleat, the truck can't swivel 360º. What is the point of the truck being able to turn?
The truck doesn't need to turn 360º. It only needs to move 120º - 180º. The win only runs one direction at a time, so the flag doesn't need to turn in circles, just shift with the changing wind. Also, the give a rotating truck provides relieves a lot of stress on the flagpole.

Not every flagpole needs a revolving truck. Flagpoles 25 ft. and less can have a stationary truck, unless they are in a location with heavy wind. For stationary trucks, the pulley should go with the prevailing winds.