Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are you moving out? Are your tenants moving out? Transitions of this kind can be a difficult task for business facilities. Often times, the flagpole gets overlooked. If you have a vacant space with a flagpole. Fly the flag. Show people the place at its best. Help people see what they can achieve with their business vision.

A flag helps a vancant lot in two ways:
  1. A company can see themselves in the building when the space is working, when there is no garbage, and the outside welcomes the potential client as much as the inside. A flag is a great step to adding in-motion life to your vacant property.
  2. It gives your potential clients directions to finding the building. "Don the street, on the left, just look for the flag." Sounds a lot better than "224356 Memorial Business District Rt. 32 Facility L." Use the flag to draw people in.
Let your property work for you. Fly a flag. And we almost guarantee it will greatly help fill that vacancy. If you have a flagpole that is in bad shape, "between" tenants is a great time to fix the flagpole up. You can fix the flagpole up here. It may also be a great time to move the flagpole if it is not in the best spot.