Monday, January 7, 2013

Manheim Road is a busy highway for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that the street leads in the O'Hare International Airport. The largest airport in the Midwest, this is not only a great center for residential and business travel, it is the spot for national and international commercial shipping. The one thing you will always find by an airport, is a rental car agency. For big airports like O'Hare International, you'll find several. One of these such agencies, we found on Manheim Road, Hertz Rent-a-Car.

We took this video from two different vantage points. One was from the road and the other was from underneath the flags themselves. We wanted to show how the trees had grown up to block the 35 ft. flagpoles from view. It is not hard to see how a passing car could miss this spot.

But on further investigation, we found these flagpoles were well maintained and modified for the change in landscaping. The flags were smaller, as not to be caught in the branches. The ropes had been replaced (white), and even the flash collars seemed replaced. We also found a very nice lighting system which both brought the trees and flags to life at night.

The American flag could use replacing, but the other two flags were holding up just fine. You can see from the video that the flag was separated down an entire stripe. The flag colors looked fairly new. This indicates that the flag was sewn together with a chain-stitch pattern rather than a lock-stitch pattern. Out o the box, these flags look the exact same. The difference is only shown on the flagpole.

A chain-stitch flag uses less threading. It also can be produced at almost twice the rate of a lock-stitch flag. But if one thread rips or breaks, the entire flag can unravel. Lock-stitch flags use more threading, take longer to make, but each stitch is locked back so that if one thread breaks, it will not unravel the flag or a stripe in this case.

It is likely, Hertz is unaware their flag is chain-stitched as most flag dealers do not disclose this information. However, the custom flag is double sided printed, and very nice. We love seeing a great custom flag. Particularly when the flag is shown with various other flags.

Finally, we wanted to show the flagpoles from the road because the American flag is on the wrong side. The American flag should always be positioned to its own right. It should switch places with the custom flag.

It is clear, Hertz takes pride in its facilities, customers, and employees by the flag display. While the flagpoles are somewhat hidden, they are no less cared for. It is nice to see well maintained, well lit flags.