Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes the attraction that makes your company brand is seasonal. A great example is Fountain Blue. The fountain looks fantastic during the warm Chicago months, but has to be shut down in the cold winter months. Luckily, the Fountain Blue people have found a way to keep the Fountain Blue image going year round. They use a custom flag.

The Flagpole sits right by the fountain. When the fountain is running, the flag helps show case the courtyard and attracts attention to it as a main feature. When the fountain is not operational the flag acts in its place. This is what a flag can do for your location. In the service industry, particularly banquet halls, and various kinds of venue  spaces, impressions drive business. The difference between a full booking and a slow period could boil down to people knowing you exist. That is why we give  people a flag to follow, it works.

Many banquet halls are located in hotels. The best hotels have several flagpoles out front. Having a custom flag on the flagpole in front of the hotel, featuring the banquet hall, is a good way to help people know they are in the right place, know your services are available, and help promote the range of services offered by the hotel.