Monday, June 16, 2014

After Flag Day, Father's Day, the weekend and the weather, we thought it was an ideal time to show the flag at the end of the rainbow...

This came to us this past weekend by a flag flyer in Toccoa, Georgia. Excellently displayed out on the field, this photo wasn't taken by the flag flyer himself, but by a passerby. The flag is a 12 ft. x 18 ft. American flag with reinforced corners and vertical rows at the fly end. Out here in the field, the flag is exposed to all kinds of weather. In this case, a bright nylon is shines beautifully, but with heavy winds, the reinforcing does a lot to keep the flag from falling apart too quickly.

Here are some more pictures by this flag flyer! Before, during, and after the storm. Check it out!
Before the storm
Clouds gathering
Storm descends on the flag

Storm passing through the field

Weathering the storm

Sun off the departing storm clouds

Rainbow after a storm