Friday, May 16, 2014

"We are a sign company. We want to be seen and the best sign is a flag." Brad explained over the phone. Well... I'm summarizing here, but in the middle of Oregon, I got a phone call from our friends at Altoona Neon in Altoona, PA. Brad continued, "We are between two major highways here and the flagpole sits in the middle visible from all angles. When people need to find us, we say, look for the flag."

Altoona Neon flies a large US flag year round. Weather in PA can get pretty rough in winter. So Bad has been keeping an eye on it with his parts. Recently, we helped him put new fittings with upgraded internal flagpole parts: new double truck, ball ornament, wire-center halyard for durability, stainless  steel snaps... the works. We like to say, "better parts means longer flag life." When you fly for the community, you want a flag that lasts long, looks great, and is not hard to manage.

"We put in park benches to not just give people a flag to follow, but give people a place to sit!" Brad continued. This I had to see. Brad sent us pictures of the display and so here we are, with a nice Memorial Day flag story.

The base is finished with nice garden stones and a sandbox wooden frame... as apposed to our commonly discussed pedestal finish. It looks great and makes for a nice place to sit an grab some lunch.

"We love it, and we love flying the flag." Brad finished.