Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Parade in New York City related to the 5th Olympic Games,
held in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912.
The Olympic Games and flags have gone hand and hand since the beginning of the international amateur tradition in 1870. Even today, athletes enter the opening ceremonies led by the flag of their nation & unique heritage enhanced by apparel and other elements like hair style's. Gold medalists are thrown their flag after their accomplishment is made official. The pride at the official awards ceremonies raise the flag and play the national anthem's.

For these reasons, we consider all Olympians flag flyers and, as you know, we just like people who fly flags. That being said, we thought we'd take a moment to make our own continuous flame, a waving Olympic flag to cheer on all the Olympians competing these weeks in Sochi.

Good luck and congratulations to all who have worked so hard to appear on this stage. The years of preparation and dedication are not overlooked. We watch in awe as you perform. We stand behind you as you wave our flag.

People who fly flags, like people who fly flags. Is it any wonder we come together as a nation for these games and celebrate as one people. The political world and other concerns seem to take a break while we unite under the flag and rally the athlete's onward to victory.