Friday, July 26, 2013

It is not easy moving into a home that has been well used. You inherit a great deal of things you might or might not expect. For some, these things are a nuisance. But for Corsulian, this old flagpole was an opportunity for a great DIY project.

There was one slight problem...
The mysterious flagpole light! Thanks to the community on DIYChatroom, this flag flyer was able to get some lighting advice, as well, gracious enough to share their flag picture with us!

Flagpole lighting is a tough cookie to crack. There are a lot of options, but few good options. We have been working on a reliable lighting source for quite some time. We have a flag story that touches on that subject here.

In any event we are excited to hear where Corsulian's flagpole lighting quest goes.

We can see from here that this old external halyard flagpole was worth saving. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!