Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Timeless institutions have age-old problems. Like the Department of Justice in Chicago, IL. The crab tree has grown up and is now taking hold of the county flag. Flags wear out naturally but it is a shame when we find a display of this quality with a problem like this. Dark bronze anodized commercial aluminum external halyard flagpoles with matching cleats and cleat cover boxes. Even the light siting on the walkway lamp shows a commitment to quality.

One of the things we really like about this display is the breakdown of flags. The US flag is flown to its own right. Underneath is the Illinois State flag. The flagpole to the left has a City of Chicago flag with Cook County flag flying underneath. Four flags fly on two flagpoles. Each flag gives allegiance to where this department is located and whom they serve.

Maybe you have a Gadsden flag. Maybe you have a Marine Corps flag. What ever you fly, it tells people not just what you stand for but where you stand. You may not be able to remove the tree, but you can prune the branches or even move your flagpole.

You don't have to let a tree stand in the way of a great flag display.