Thursday, May 30, 2013

So they gave you the shaft and you are wondering what to do. You know you want to make a flagpole to fly the flag. Don't worry if there is a little rust or crud from wear and tear or the shafts look used. The important thing is you got your hands on a shaft, now lets start making a plan. You might start with accepting that a little elbow grease will be involved if you want to be the next episode of American Restoration In the end, you'll be pleased with your commercial grade flagpole.

Here are the 5 MUST KNOWS before you start converting a light pole shaft (lamp post) to a flagpole.

  1. The Truck Top is the heart of the matter
    1.  Take a look at the top. You might think about cutting it off. A Pole Top Adapter and a revolving truck can make any 20 ft. and above light pole shaft deluxe. With the top cut off you could go for an external system or an internal system. Look at where the flag flies. Any loose ends? Cut those off too. Sand and polish so the flag does not drag on any snags. Less resistance = longer flag life!
  2. More than one way to string a flagpole
    1.   Measure the top diameter. Make sure the truck pulley can clear the top edge of the flagpole shaft so the halyard hangs freely A revolving truck is recommended for light pole rehabs. Revolving systems relieve stress on the flag and on the flagpole. If you want to go budget, consider a vertical wall mount pulley. Not recommended by us for flagpoles above 30 ft. You want to keep your feet on the ground in the future.
  3. Start with basics and take it one step at a time
    1. Now that we shared the tip about the Vertical Wall Mount Pulley, we highly recommend using the Flagpole Finder to find what your flagpole would be if you had purchased the shaft new. Take a look at the standard accessories on the flagpole that matches your shaft to determine the minimum requirements for your flagpole. It is always a good idea to upgrade to be sure once it is up, you don't have to go back up and fix it.
  4. Less is more. Meaning less can give you more months of flag life. That is what the FlagRunners are always after.
    1. The majority of restoration projects have an external system. But we have heard of those going above an beyond (for example the picture above and to the left are the same project click here!). 
  5. How to make sure what is in-ground is sound
    1. If you are going to get the right hardware, get the right foundation. The standard rule for commercial aluminum flagpoles is 10% the height of the flagpole, that length goes down in the ground. With a light pole conversion you should make a deeper foundation, usually lag bolts on a shoe base system are used. There are a couple ways to make a foundation, make sure you account for drainage and water run-off.
This is just a quick overview. For more information and options, head to the FlagDesk.