Monday, May 13, 2013

 CAM CLEAT FLAGPOLES: Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles w/ internal cable drawn to a brass, self locking device (shown to the right) called a cam cleat. This brass locking device (cam cleat) is manual, as apposed to the alternate internal flagpole mechanism known as a winch. The easiest way to know if you have a winch or a cam cleat is if you need a crack handle to raise/lower the flag. If you have a winch-based flagpole and want to replace the cable, click here.

If you want to look at a quick guide to replacing the roped-cable assembly on your cam cleat flagpole, click here. FlagQ is the FlagDesk resource for technical flag information and how-to (DIY) articles.

We took the video (to the right) in our shop to help illustrate exactly how the cam cleat works. The cleat swivels on a stainless steel rod which is spring loaded. The cleat resembles a claw. One side of the claw is serrated. The edge bites into the outer rope housing of the cable. Today's video, we see the housing has warn and the cleat of this serrated edge can NOT hold the cable (only). It has to have the rope outer casing to bite.

The cam cleat has a nylon (plastic) bushing on the right of the cleat. This is designed to smoothly raise and lower the flag. You simply manually release the cleat, then shift the roped cable to the right. Then you can raise or lower the flag. Just slide the cable back under the cleat while you hold the cleat open. Then release the cleat and let the spring lock the cable into place.

  1. The cable goes from the outside of the flagpole up through the truck at the top and down through the center. It must be replaced in that same direction.
  2. You must clip the old cable back above the thimble and crimp before attaching the new cable to the old cable.
  3. Attach the back of the new cable to the front of the old cable. At the end, the new thimble and crimp need to be on the outside of the flagpole.
  4. If the rope is down, you have to go to the top of the flagpole in a lift truck, take off the flagpole truck, open the truck, and rope it as you would from the ground.