Thursday, May 2, 2013

There is a big difference between permanent display advertising and promotional advertising. However, as we run from flag to flag, we notice a trend popping up throughout America. What starts out as promotional, ends up as a permanent display. But what are the results?

What is the difference between permanent display advertising and promotional advertising? Both are systems for flying flags. Permanent systems are designed to withstand heavy storms, long-term constant use, with replacement parts designed to keep the system new. Promotional displays are temporary, designed for an event or a short-term message.

So why are these temporary flag displays being used as permanent signage? We believe this is not done on purpose. People do not know the powerful effects flags can do for their location. When they first renovate, or build, they want to put up something to let people where they are and the services they offer. Seeing the effect of the flags, management typically decides to keep the flags up as they draw in customers.

What happens when the flags are left up too long?
The obvious answer is that they break. Promotional hardware is designed to meet a budget for a temporary advertisement. It can be costly to install a commercial grade product for only a temporary time. But if you think you might use the display for years, you may want to take a little time, step back and envision a permanent flag solution for your property. In the long run, it will be more attractive and easier to manage.

Why are solid color flags so effective both for your presentation and for your budget?

Solid Color Flags are flags made from plain stock colors. Because the fabric is stock, these flags are not considered custom flags. You can get flags that match the colors of your logo or brand without paying the custom flag price. Solid color flags also come in many styles. This makes their use almost limitless. At FlagDesk, you can choose from many styles and colors, see your flag and add your item to cart. Pretty simple.
  • Fly festive colors for the holiday season: red & green for Christmas, orange & black flags for Halloween, green & gold flags for St. Patrick's Day, red flags for Valentine's Day, etc. 
  • Fly colors for causes: Pinks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Promote your event: Brown flags for the Brown Bag Event–fill for just $5!
Hardware is easy to temporarily set up and take down. You can either look at display poles, or residential flagpoles for a more durable display. But of these options are temporary however. To go pro, you want to look at a commercial flagpole application. Or outfit your existing lamp posts with a commercial solution such as the Vertical Wall Mount Pulley.