Friday, May 17, 2013

Think you have a problem, we are here to prove you are not alone. Just take a look at the Tucson Convention Center. Five deluxe internal flagpoles line this entryway. While this is not a standard fix for the winch-based device, it is certainly creative and functional. We wonder, however, if the system has failed over time and is the reason why only one flagpole flies a flag.

How did they fix their problem
The flagpole manager found a boat winch (by Fulton), affixed it to the pole just below the door, then they used a (nautical yardarm) pulley. Bolting the pulley to the opposite end, they were able to run the cable through the boat winch into the flagpole via the pulley. Pretty clever solution!

However, the crank handle, secured with chain and lock, is not stainless steel, so it has rusted. This may create problems over time. I can't help but be impressed, but it does negate the purpose of an internal flagpole: security and presentation.

How-To fix the problem
These flagpoles look to have a small enough diameter to use the small stainless steel winch. There are several different models and types, to any stainless steel winch will not do. If you have a similar problem, the best thing to do is take a picture inside the flagpole where the winch is set, or take a picture of the winch and send it to Then we can tell you what you need!

Prevent flagpole breakdowns by replacing parts routinely. If you wait to fix the flagpole, you will likely have a much bigger problem on your hands. Flagpole breakdowns may not turn into fixes this extreme, but will most certainly eat into your flag. Getting the longest life out of your flag is the most economic and respectful way to fly a flag. Better flagpole parts means better flag life.