Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Milestones are apart of every company outlook on both a macro and a micro level. With milestones, a company can judge its commitment level, gauge the feasibility of there goals, and make adjustments as needed. On the other hand, companies are built on practices. These are morals and principles that become a standard for every transaction within and through company. Solid milestones coupled with solid ethics paves the way for a solid outlook. The final leg of the stool is market. If there is a need, a method, and standards, theory states you will have success. So where does flying a flag fit into any of this?

The following i a list of FIVE simple reasons a company should fly a flag:
  1. Give your people a flag to follow
    1. When you give your people a flag to follow, you unite your company under one message. We talk about this a lot on the FlagRunners.
  2. The X that marks the spot
    1.  A flagpole is one of the best ways to tell people where you are located. It is also one of the best welcome signs for you community of customers and prospective clients.
  3. Associate your position with something larger
    1. When you stand behind the flag, you stand behind a growing message since 1775. The flag has grown to mean many things over the years, has captured many stories throughout our past. Above all else, the flag means freedom. Small and large business exist and thrive because our country is founded on freedom.
  4. Make the flagpole an extension of the company community 
    1. If you have veterans in your company, fly their flag (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Navy). If you belong to a union, fly the union flag (i.e. IBEW). If you have a company logo, put it up on the flagpole (custom flag). Align your company with your internal community and you will align your company with the personal best practices of your employees.
  5. Don't repaint the building. Put up a flag.
    1.  A flag is known as in-motion signage. The motion attracts attention. When you have the flag fly for long enough, it becomes a part of the building. But if you change the flag or add a flag, you can completely change the look of your building. It is a great and easy way to keep the building looking new at a minimal cost without a new paint job.

How do you get a flagpole for your company?

Go to FlagDesk and use the Flagpole Finder Tool. Quickly compare your options and find the pole that fits your needs and budget.

Camel Grinding Wheels has a 57 year history of milestones. They have grown to a global presence of quality abrasives and discs on a macro level. But on a micro level the flag out front honors an employees dedication for 10 years of service. This is another milestone. A company outwardly acknowledging the accomplishments of its employees shows a commitment and dedication to solid ethics and goals. A company, no matter how large, is nothing without dedicated employees. When it comes to a flag, it is clear Camel Grinding Wheels got it right.