Monday, April 1, 2013

We were out running in Syracuse NY and almost out of the blue, we find this flagpole. The SPA at 500 has an impressive flag display, a veteran dedication from Nov. 5th 1967. Today we are going to dive into the cleat cover box and halyard cover combination which help protect your flagpole from vandalism...

Do you want your message to be done by a flag flyer? There is not better wellness center flag display in the US than this wonderful veteran memorial from 1967. Whether the spa installed this flagpole or they inherited it from purchasing the building, they fly the flag and make sure their parts are up to date.

This commercial aluminum external halyard flagpole most notably has a cleat cover box and halyard cover. We run all over the country and find all sorts of displays. Many of them take extra precautions to protect the flag, such as the Spa at 500, but few of them correctly install, use, or manage these devices.

The cleat cover box FAQ
  1. Do I need a cleat cover box for my flagpole? What is the purpose of it?
  2. Do you have an aluminum or steel flagpole with all the ropes on the outside most common? Are you worried about vandalism? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then a cleat cover box is your best option. If you have an internal halyard flagpole (concealed ropes) The you have no need for a cleat cover box. The purpose of this device is to add security to your flagpole to prevent people from stealing the flag.
  3. Do I need special tools to install it on my new or existing flagpole?
  4. If you are installing the flagpole, you will most likely need to drill the pilot holes for the cleat. These pilot holes and the screws for the cleat are the same for the cleat cover box. If you already have the flagpole installed and want add the cover box,just unscrew the cleat and use the existing pilot holes with the longer screws (included). The halyard cover FAQ
  5. Anything I should know about the cleat cover box?
  6. Be aware that access rope can prevent the box from closing. In this case, you may need to lower the flag, cut the rope and retie. The rope should not hit any snags from the cleat cover box through the halyard cover.

The halyard cover FAQ
  1. If I have a cleat cover box, do I need a halyard cover?
  2. Not necessarily. Some cases, the flagpole uses a wire-center halyard which can not be easily cut. Wire-center is recommended for most flagpole applications. On the other hand, the cleat cover box and halyard cover fit together very well.
  3. If I don't have a cleat cover box, do I need a halyard cover?
  4. The halyard cover works with the cleat cover box and will not work without it. In many cases, you just need a cleat cover box and the halyard cover is an added element to prevent vandals from cutting the ropes.
  5. Do I need special tools to install it on my new or existing flagpole?
  6. You will need a drill to make small pilot holes in the halyard cover. Install the cleat cover box first. Make sure you line up the halyard cover.
If you have any more questions of these products, let us know. Leave a comment.