Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Look who shows up in the neighborhood! Star Auto Authority. This is a nice presentation with a dark bronze anodized cam cleat internal commercial aluminum flagpole: ECXV35. But what does the other side of the block look like?

Running down the road. We stop to see a building which should have a flagpole. It is gray and exposed, with a grand entrance. But no flagpole stands in front this business establishment.

Then we look just across the street at a company which, by all means, doesn't have to fly a flag, Star Auto Authority. The building has wonderful trees and foliage surrounding it. A flagpole by the sign would result in the flag getting caught on the branches. But Star Auto Authority does fly the flag. And Star Auto Authority put the flagpole in a place where trees would not be a problem. The flagpole is tall enough so the flag stand out from the landscape. We noticed it.

Typically we say the flagpole should crest the roofline (as shown in this diagram). But Star Auto Authority is the exception to the rule. A flagpole which crests the roof line would get lost in the trees. Combine that with the placement, someone with some serious forethought designed this display. They met both cardinal rules we see broken all the time.
  1. Always install the flagpole where the flag will have no obstructions 360ยบ. This goes for when the flagpole is installed and 50 years after it is installed.
  2. Choose a flagpole height which will give the flag prominence in the property based on your intended audience.
This display has seen some years. But the parts are kept up. One of the things we see most on a flagpole like this, is hardware that doesn't match. We make dark-bronze anodized parts to match dark-bronze anodized poles. You can even get snap covers which match!

We find White Beaded Retainer Rings on dark-bronze flagpoles. We also find white rope or halyard on dark-bronze flagpoles. Getting the matching color parts gives the flagpole a professional clean finish. And keeps the flagpole looking new. Particularly dark-bronze, black, or even light-bronze finishes. It takes years and years before these flagpoles start to show signs of aging.