Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knowing your options = happy flag flyer in the future... 
The last thing we want to see right now is snow, but this flag display makes it all worth it. If you have been thinking about getting a flagpole, this is a great example of dark bronze. 

Two ECX35IH Deluxe Internal Halyard 35' Bronze Anodized Aluminum Flagpoles stand outside giving their nearly 40,000 employees world wide a flag to follow. Precision analytical instruments require a precise image. ThermoFisher Scientific chose to use a flag display to mark their entrance for employees and customers.

Their main goal is solve analytical challenges and improve laboratory productivity. Getting results quickly can make a huge difference in a patient's life, help drug companies develop solutions quickly. Challenging themselves to answer tough analytical questions keeps ThermoFisher on the cutting edge. What does this have to do with flags? I'm glad you asked!

Being a FlagRunner, I have run into hundreds of flag displays. I have never seen a flag display without a story. If you look closely at who the company is, the flag out front fairly quickly starts to make sense. City and Town facilities fly flags as do select buildings around the area. This display shows how connected this business is to the community. Vernon Hills village flag displays have the IL state flag and Village of Vernon Hills flag slightly lowered on the pole. This is to give more prominence to the US flag. In this video, you can see ThermoFisher is doing the same thing.