Monday, April 15, 2013

Surprising small flagpole makes an appropriate statement at this 9 story senior residency.
FlagRunners tip: Choosing a height is a matter of building size and placement. It is better to go for quality over height. A well built flagpole in the right place attracts more attention than a tall flagpole in the wrong place.

View from the sidewalk
If you are looking for a Flagpole, you probably have a few questions. Typically the first question is not about the type of flagpole you are looking for, but the facility the flagpole is going to. How tall is your home/office/memorial? Do you have a spot picked out for the flagpole yet? Is it located in a place where the flag can fly free without obstruction for years to come?

A flagpole should frame the building as a welcoming element to your entry way. In today's case, the flagpole is completely dwarfed by the building, but because it is located across the parking lot by the residency sign, it doesn't need to be as tall as the building, in fact it only needs to be 25 ft. As shown here (left).

Keep in mind where your visitors or passers are coming from, their perspective, and your building height. You may not need as tall a flagpole as you might think. You can put the cost of a taller flagpole into buying a more heavy-duty impressive smaller flagpole for a more dramatic appearance.

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