Monday, April 22, 2013

Off the Des Plaines River Trail, we spy a row of international flags lining the driveway of the Hotel Register in Vernon Hills, IL.

40 ft. Flagpoles line the entrance of American Hotel Register Headquarters in Vernon Hills. Not only is the display incredibly impressive, it also shows a commitment to a global market.

There are about twenty 40 ft. Deluxe Internal Winch System Flagpoles here. Just the American flag is lit. Two canister lights point up to the flag in the center, which is the highest point of the flag display. The arch or semi-circle design draws your eye to the company sign on the building, American Hotel Register.

We did not expect to find a display like this on that run, but we were glad we brought the cameras when we did. This is an example of an international company giving their people international flags to follow.