Sunday, March 17, 2013

One thing Syracuse New York is not short on, is hotels. There are a lot to choose from out here. And they all seem to be in the same basic areas. Either they are servicing the University for big games and events, or they are servicing the business park out by the airport. And either way, the smart locations stand out from the rest with a flag display. Case and point, the Crowne Plaze Hotel. But they don't just fly an American Flag. How does the Crowne Plaze Hotel use their flag display to showcase their services?

Crowne Plaza literally sticks out, welcoming constant traffic

on the street below and the highway overhead.

In this order: American flag, Canadian flag, New York State flag, Crowne Plaza Hotels flag. All of these flags tell a story. Each of these flags fly like an extended hand comming off the building, reaching out to welcome a passerby. while the flags may not be about immediate business, the message is sent. Welcome to Syracuse.

These flagpoles (shown in the picture to the right) are outrigger style flagpoles. They are mounted to the side of the building and extend outward at an angle toward the street. In this context, they make perfect sense. The hotel front sits right up to the street, allowing no front entrance. These flagpoles in a sense, become the front entrance.

It is fairly obvious to look at these flags and see a good reason from three of the four. The odd one out is obviously Canada. Why have a Canadian flag flying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Syracuse New York? The answer is simple, to extend a hand in friendship. The northeast has an undeniable international influx of culture, business, and visitors. Flying the Canadian flag shows the hotel
s commitment to a global community. The other flags tell you where you are. The Canadian flag is a welcome sign. And flags always make the best welcome signs.