Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buildings share history. We are going to share the history of Vernon Hills with you today and show you this community through the eyes of the flag. From a small outgrowth of 125 homes to over 25,000 people, Vernon Hills has come a long way. Believe it or not, the Golf course played a central theme in that history.

Before you can understand how a golf course can become the hub of a village, you first must understand the geography. Across the street from this building stands the Village Hall and the Larry Laschen Community Center. The Village hall was completed in 2002. So what did Vernon Hills do before they moved into the new facility?

Originally, the "town hall" was located in a local motel lobby. Police were a small group of village trustees serving as deputies. Something tells me that would not go over so well today.

So it wasn't until 1980 when the once Tally Ho Country Club donated their facility to become the intermittent Village Hall. and 22 years later, Vernon Hills settled into a dedicated building and the country club settled into what is now the Vernon Hills Golf Course, a 9-hole small green, with a lot of village history.

This golf course may have originally flown the flag as a state institution servicing the community as the village hall. Now it flies the flag as a service to the Vernon Hills community to take advantage of the wonderful environment Vernon Hills has to offer.