Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nothing is more pleasing to a FlagRunner than a flag dedication. They show a different side to the community and make for an interesting display/story. In 1929 J. Stanley Coyne started Coyne Textile Services. That is nearly 85 years! This company set up to offer commercial laundry services to Syracuse, NY. Since then, it is has grown to become one of the largest private family owned commercial companies in the country. Additionally it has expanded with 31 locations in 24 different states. What does the Syracuse New York headquarters do? They give their people a flag to follow.

This dedication is for the founder of the company. No doubt the face of Syracuse New York looked vastly different in 1929 than today. But this clever memorial captures pieces of the history and preserves them in a few unique ways. Original lamp posts function to light the display, nice touch! American Pickers would love to get there hands on these custom made lights made especially for the city, the details are unique. Three deluxe internal bronze anodized flagpoles fly the American flag, the City flag, and the Coyne Textiles flag (picture to the left.)

Coyne has grown into providing uniform rental services among other things. The company continually adapts and believes in providing top-standard safety apparel for workers throughout the country. And while they have grown to become the leader in these fields, they maintain a loyalty to their family origins. This is clear in the flag display we found today. This is how to show your various audiences who you are from the inside, out. A much welcomed warmth on a cold winter Syracuse day.