Sunday, February 10, 2013

Every village across the country has access to municipal services such as police, justice, water treatment and fire rescue. Sometimes these facilities are made up of volunteers only. Community services centers, like the one in today's episode, often show us an example of what a great flag display can look like. What makes a flag great is the community it represents. We, the FlagRunners, are gearing up to launch a new campaign to show you this first hand, in a new series called, "See Your Community Through the Eyes of the Flag."

What does it mean to See Your Community Through the Eyes of the Flag?

Just as every community has services to help govern and maintain themselves, every community has a flag. We see the flag, and the flag sees who we are as a community from overhead. To see the community through the eyes of the flag is a statement of mindfulness of these services and businesses with the flag as the centerpiece.

In today's episode we run to a firehouse in Lincolnshire/Riverwoods which has a 9/11 memorial along with old fire fighter equipment and memorial plaques. These displays, show connection. Connection with locals and the nation as a whole, honoring and remembering what came before, to allow for a better today. This display is not in the town center, it is in a wing of an industrial business park. Showing, flag displays are not just for city squares. Your flag display tells a story too.

We are excited to bring you more flag stories, show you more flag displays, and help you fly your flags better than ever before as we see your community through the eyes of the flag.